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reliable rubber fender

  • EVA Polyurea Spray Fender

    Contact Now EVA Polyurea Spray Fender EVA polyurea spray fender with closed-hole, hydrophobic foam as the core material, polyurea as its skin. The product in a wide range of temperature has a good softness, impact strength, environmental stress cracking and good optical properties, low-temperature resistance and non-toxic characteristics.

  • Air-Filled Rubber Ship Fender

    Contact Now Air-Filled Rubber Ship Fender Air-Filled Rubber Ship Fender Features : 1.High absorption of energy 2.Ultra Low Back pressure 3.Good adaptability for tilt contact 4.Using condition: Floating on water, ship sway 5 . Absorb impact energy, small impact on the ship 6 . Simple to install 7 . Good elasticity, will not deform under...