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Another Breakthrough Of Distributed Sonar Detection System
Nov 16, 2017

Tianhe Technologies HF - 418 distributed sonar detection system is a synthetical detection system which is set of crane sonar and distributed network, it is used to search and detect the underwater targets. The product has all features and performances of crane sonar, it can work alone, and can also work as distributed network synthetical detection system through the beidou communication satellite, and it can greatly improve the search area and the success rate of detection precision.

 Since December 2016, this project has completed the design of underwater sensor and transmitter, debug and test. In October, this project will experiment in the lake to further verify the subsystem's function and performance. In the first half of next year, the project could experiment with whole system in the sea.

This product is designed for installation and application to civil fishing boats. It is small and light, easy operation, high cost performance, and it is a domestic initiative product, has a very good application prospect.